The Your Life Lived Well Podcast blends findings from medical, social, and behavioral science with practical advice born of living with and caring for chronic conditions. Our lively conversations know no boundaries and include every voice: those diagnosed, loved ones & caregivers, health entrepreneurs, executives, and researchers, as well as medical, health, and wellness professionals.

A Few Of Our Recent Episodes

Episode 11: Covid 19

In a special episode, we'll talk about living well through the COVID-19 outbreak with an already existing medical condition. Here are the medical, emotional, social, and practical tips you need. And share your questions to @chroniclifepod on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram so Dr. Payne can provide more answers.

Episode 10: Who Am I?

Chronic illness changes our identity. Sometimes we feel like we’re losing ourselves, but we don’t have to. Brought to you by Dr. Kevin J. Payne of Your Life Lived Well.

Episode 9: A Survivors Story

Danielle Ripley Burgess was a two-time cancer survivor before 25 — and she's devoted her life to making lives better. Join us on your favorite podcast app! Brought to you by Dr. Kevin J. Payne.

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